Beyond Pix created the first independent live shot facility in San Francisco and we’ve hosted myriads of Bay Area celebrities, business leaders and political pundits for national and international networks.

Broadcast Testimonials

Studio A and Studio B are available around the clock, seven days a week serving networks in domestic and international time zones. The studios have an HVAC system with a UV light filtration system.

Between the studios is our control room where television magic is made!

The control room sends signal out by The Switch or LTN but can also fiber to a satellite uplink when needed. For online media we offer dedicated 100Mbps service with a backup service from a different provider. Our NewTek Tricaster 8000 is used for a number of tasks including live video footage or PowerPoint roll-ins, sending signal out to live stream host sites, creating and layering lower thirds or compositing in a virtual set.

broadcast studio
Studio A for broadcast
broadcast studio
Studio B for live shots or satellite media tour
Book studio for production
Perfect for Satellite Media Tours

Both Studio A and Studio B are pre-lit and come equipped with remote controlled Panasonic PTZ 4K cameras, teleprompters and audio gear at the ready.   A monitor situated behind your talent can be programmed to run a hi-res graphic or video – or you can choose from video in our stock.
If preferred, we can assemble a practical set from several modular set pieces allowing for different “looks.”

insert studio for broadcast
Studio B’s Conversational set can be used with a second camera
green room
Makeup and lounge area for broadcast guests.
Green room
Green Room Studio B

The studios were created for live interviews but they are perfectly suited for hosting media training, recording taped speeches for meetings, forums, websites or other video packages. They are frequently sought by broadcasts media relations experts for media tours. The studios are available by the hour for live shots, or by the half or full day for other sorts of production.  Rental includes access to the cafe, green room and atrium and includes cleaning and disinfecting service done before and after each guest use.

Studio A and B are also a perfect location to create professional quality video for seated live stream presentations, zoom or skype calls. 

Quick Study Guide!

Transmission Pathways:

  • The Switch
  • LTN
  • Dedicated 100 Mbps Internet Service
  • Separate redundant service
  • LiveU

Customizable Sets

  • Kitchen Wall
  • Conversational Setting, white brick, red brick, bookshelf
  • End tables
  • Club chairs
  • Props
  • Monitor (your HD image or ours)
  • Monitor and Drape